Dps School Franchise Agreement

Since its creation, the school has always maintained its motto « service in front of you ». Delhi Public Schools has been rewarded with providing quality training that helps students build a solid foundation for higher education. Good financial leverage is a sine qua non, because as a franchisee, you have to invest 8-10 Lakhs or more to open a new school. Once the Memorandum of Understanding is signed, you can start building the school`s infrastructure and interiors in accordance with the DPS standards of the educational environment. Our company offers its schools the best teachers, well qualified, experienced, effective, dynamic and trained. It helps our students gain the expertise and knowledge to become a successful student as well as a successful professional. What he asks for in turn is their full collaboration, their participation and their enthusiasm. A 20 percent fee on students` tuition fees must also be paid by the franchisee at the school. Start your own preschool business with low investments and a high king Becoming a franchise for a well-established brand like Delhi Public School means you`ll get the full instructions from DPS management. This will help you both establish a school franchise and manage successfully, which will also pave the way for you to venture into more things like this in the future. So, apply for dpS Global Franchiser in order to learn something new for construction. The bright future for our children!!! This chain of schools believes in the complete development of its students. The school uses the latest technologies in the classroom to make learning more entertaining and interactive and improve visual comprehension.

Teachers are well trained and well equipped to assist in the overall development of students. Delhi Public School is one of the most well-established school chains in India and around the world. It is the dream of all parents and students to study at the DPS. Delhi Public School is the first choice of any entrepreneur who wants to run a school. The school is the leading brand in the field of education. The school has more than 200 branches worldwide. The company signs a standard franchise agreement. The franchise agreement is valid for a period of 5 years.

The contract may be renewed at the discretion of the Delhi Public School Society. 2 years to 3 years are estimated as a period of break-even. However, the amount of the return on investment depends on the city and the location of the school. The company grants exclusive territorial rights to a single franchisor. Today, there is a lot of crowding out competition in all aspects of life. And to be able to compete in such an environment, a person must be well trained and well rounded in terms of skills. So there will always be a demand for good schools like Delhi Public School. The first advantage a franchisee gets by investing in a Delhi public school franchise is that DPS is a well-established name. Parents trust the DPS brand. The school even has branches in other countries. The school has alumni like Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, former RBI president Raghuram Rajan and many other prominent figures. The franchisee will therefore have no problem obtaining the required number of students and recruiting teachers and other staff.

The other advantage is that once an agreement is signed between the franchisee and the company, DPS management provides appropriate advice and guidance to help the franchisee set up the school. Most of Delhi`s public schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education and are recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of HRD of the Government of India….