Gsa General Service Agreement

If you have any doubts about which template format to use, contact the ministry`s procurement specialist, utilities, comptroller general procurement governance office, or legal services. If none of the existing service contract templates meet the requirements, contact the legal department to develop a custom contract. Step 2: Determine if your product or service currently needs to be purchased/contracted with so-called « mandated » sources, such as the federal prison industry or UNICOR, the National Institute for the Blind (NIB) or the National Industries for the Severe Handicapped (NISH). The General Administration of Services (GSA), one of the largest government authorities, assists other authorities in acquiring the necessary products, services, advice, land, real estate and vehicles from federal and commercial sources. It serves as a catalyst for about $66 billion in federal spending per year, which represents more than a quarter of the U.S. government`s total procurement dollars. Note that this page applies specifically to the purchase of services….